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Regular Scouts Adam Wirthmore and Jay Kohl end up with their fair share of ridicule due to their affiliation with the Scouts, but Julian Smiles is about to discover all the benefits that they enjoy as Scout members. Seeking his own purple badge, this junior member of the Scouts realizes he’ll have to earn it, but he has no idea what’s in store for him. But Adam and Jay are in agreement as to what to do, and that’s show Julian the Scout’s Way. So without hesitation, Adam tells Julian to mount him. Stinging at first, Julian soon warms up to the new experience, as Jay stokes his cock and steadies Julian on Adam’s cock. Once the novice has had his turn, Adam and Jay display advanced Scouting techniques and when the three of them cum-splode all over Adam’s chest Julian soon gains an appreciation for all the Scouts have to offer.Enjoy!
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Read hot sex stories. As I looked over, he was stroking his cock that was becoming erect very quickly. His cock wasn’t overly large but it did have a nice mushroom head and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He had turned to face me, no longer making any pretence at taking a piss. I had started to zip-up but my cock was also growing which hindered the process of going back into my shorts.

“Why don’t you jack-off with me?” he inquired.

Without saying a word, I turned towards him and began to stroke my cock as well. He stepped closer so that out cocks were rubbing up against each other and I could smell his cheap cologne. I was really getting hot and knew I wanted more. He definitely picked up on my lust and suggested we go into a stall for a bit more privacy.

He led me into the middle stall and gently spun me around so I was standing above the toilet and then he pushed me down so that I was sitting with his cock in front of my face. I didn’t wait any longer and began to suck his cock… first, just the mushroom head and eventually working my way down to swallow his entire manhood. Finish this sex story " A Walk in the Park" click here